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Healthy Living

One of the four pillars of Unlimited Potential, this program serves to educate, help, and support our community in how to have a healthier lifestyle. 

Tobacco Cessation Education 

   Everyone can quit. You can help. Providing brief tobacco interventions is an effective way to increase the number of quit attempts and overall abstinence rates of your patients. 

  • Advice should be delivered in a strong, yet positive and supportive tone

  • A personalized message that ties tobacco use to current symptoms and health concerns may be helpful. 

  • Capitalize on teachable moments or life events that might lead to a quit attempt. 

  • Let your patients know that slips and relapse are normal. Encourage them by letting them know that even if they failed during past attempts, they should consider trying again.

  • try to use plain language in the discussion. Technical terms and medical jargon can overwhelm and confusing patients




Here at Unlimited Potential we care about what we put into our bodies and we want to help you too! From nutrition classes, online discussions, to distributing vegetables from the community garden, we have the resources and the will to help you make better lifestyle choices. contact us at or call us at 602-305-4742 for more information on how you can get access.

Zumba Class


Exercise is an important part of life, many believe that exercising is optional but it is actually a necessity. Here at Unlimited Potential we give programs where exercising can be fun! We offer Folkloric Dance, Zumba, Yoga, and more to come! If you are interested call us at 602-305-4742 or email us at

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