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Health Start

What is it?

Community based home visitation program provided by Community Health Workers that provide education, support, and advocacy services to pregnant and postpartum women across Arizona. The Community Health Workers live in and reflect the ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic background of the areas they serve. Women and their families receive home visits and case management at no cost with oversight by nurses, social workers and counselors during pregnancy and through the child's second year of life. Health Start offers the evidence based family spirit model at select sites.

Who can Enroll?

Participants can voluntarily enroll at any time during their pregnancy or after the birth of their children up to the age two. Participants are accepted into the Health Start Program based on their qualifying medical and social risk factors. There is no charge for the services

What Are Some Risk Factors?

  • Previous poor birth outcomes 

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes 

  • Substance use including smoking, alcohol, and drug use 

  • Age 

  • Lack of social/ family support

  • Symptoms of depression


Any women who is pregnant or postpartum, and who meets any of the Health Start risk factors, should be referred to Health Start if they live in an area served by the Program. Health Start provides services monthly during the prenatal period and postpartum visits may continue until the child is two years old. 



  • Prevent low birth weight in infants

  • Increase prenatal care for high risk pregnant women 

  • Ensure that eery program child is appropriately immunized and has a medical home

  • Provide health education to pregnant/postpartum women and their families on topics ranging from prenatal care, parenting, breast feeding, well childcare to home safety 

  • Screen for early identification of development delays, physical handicaps or behavioral health needs

  • Screen women for substance abuse, perinatal depression and relationship issues, provide brief intervention education and referrals


  1. Help clients find out if they are pregnant 

  2. Help Clients gain access to prenatal care 
  3. Visit client at home during pregnancy and after baby is born to help client, family, and child stay healthy 
  4. Provide assistance with referrals to community services, health care, and child care
  5. Help clients fill out forms for AHCCCS/WIC and make appointments
  6. Answer any questions and provide education on topics including pregnancy, labor, delivery, infant/newborn care, preconception/inter-conception health, car seat safety/home safety class, and infant/ child nutrition   


Facilitator Alfa Villa

Online Classes to better the life of your child.

This program is for parents to connect online and take classes on the necessities of raising their children to the best of their abilities. The main 4 areas that are being reached are:

  • Language 

  • Cognitive

  • Physical Health

  • Social Skills



Each for their benefit

These classes are only 10 sessions that meet only once a week and for only one hour of your time. This program also includes other topics such as nutrition, consultations, and early education. 

What To Expect For Your Sessions

1 I Am My Child First Teacher; Our Home, My Child's First School


2 My Child's Growth and Development


3 The Power of the Words


4 Healthy Body/Healthy Mind- Part 1 Nutrition and Physical Activity


5 Healthy Body/Health Mind- Part 2 Social-Emotional Well Being


6 My Child, Media and Technology


7 Count with Me


8 Let's Get Ready for School


9 Champions for Our Children's Future


10 Yes, We Can! Graduation

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