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Environmental Justice

The 3rd pillar of Unlimited Potential. Here we believe that all people have the right to live, work and play in communities that are safe and healthy, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income. Communities that have access to information and policy making decisions can take action and create positive change.

See the latest projects we’ve worked on to improve public health in the places where we live.

What We Do

We Listen and Learn 

Energy Insecurity and Public Health Project

  • 5 Community Health Workers specially trained in the health impacts of climate hazards by the Maricopa County Public Health Department.

  • Facilitated 11 focus groups with community members in four cities: South Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Maryvale and are developing community informed education and advocacy campaigns for extreme heat and air pollution.

Urban Leadership Academy

  • 5 CHW’s participating in the 2nd Annual Virtual Heat Leadership Academy “so they have the knowledge, resources and skills to advocate for greener, healthier and cooler communities.” 

We Advocate

Healthy Urban Environment Project

  • Engaged in an outreach campaign to engage, educate and empower community members to understand the connection between asthma, pollution, and climate-change 

  • Educate  1,000 community members through workshops and social media. 

  • Interact with 10,000 community members with information about asthma, pollution and ways to improve health outcomes.

Climate Action Campaign  Project

  • CHW’s elevate the community narrative and inspire action to decrease the impact of global warming and climate change (in collaboration with CHISPA Arizona and the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health. )

  • CHW’s  meet with local officials, submit public comments, hold climate change storytelling events, and educate themselves on climate issues to advocate for action.

Climate Action Campaign  Project

  • CHW’s identified community  members favorite neighborhood grocery stores and are working to increase fresh fruit and veggie food access through the Double Up Food Bucks Arizona program.

We Act

West Mesa River Community Heat Readiness Project

“Cool Island Neighborhood” is a 2 year heat action planning and mitigation project in West Mesa neighborhoods. Unlimited Potential engaged the community through outreach, citizen science, education and tree planting  ( In partnership with the City of Mesa, ASU, Maricopa County Public Health, Arizona Sustainability Alliance, and SRP0

Healthy Urban Environment Project

Work with community members in high-risk areas in south Phoenix and Avondale to implement demonstration projects such as tree planting, cool pavement and other community-led initiatives.

South Phoenix Cooling Center

  • Unlimited Potential, provides a full-time staff member to the Wesley United Methodist Church,  a local church in south Phoenix,  June thru September. The cooling center is open from 9 am to 8 pm.  Learn more about heat solutions in Phoenix here:   ( in partnership with the Urban Heat Leadership Academy) 

Regional Infrastructure Exchange Project

  • Establish shared principles to guide partnerships  between cities and community based organizations. 

  • Launch mini-grant programs to fund community-led climate projects. (in partnership with City of Tempes Office of Sustainability, CHISPA, Local First Arizona, Maricopa County, City of Phoenix, City of Mesa, ASU and others)

AZ Cooling Center

Escape from the heat!

Unlimited Potential partnered up with Wesley United Methodist Church in order to provide shelter to those who have none from the Arizona heat. 

We accept any donations that can be given. any food, clothes, waters, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


Located in South Phoenix 750 E Southern Ave Phoenix, AZ 85042. It is open Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm from June to September! 

Spread the word to help others out!



Downloadable PDF: 

Community Health Workers in Action

Community Health Workers are active in all four pillars of Unlimited Potential, in Environmental Justice they help spread awareness about Climate Change and answer the call to arms in helping the community. 

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