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Community Health Worker Training

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Our Story

Community based training programs build on the natural leadership of community members to promote health and wellness in the places where they live, work and play. Focused on 10 core CHW competencies the program provides the necessary information and skills to support a competent workforce.

Women in our Community who provide information, advocate, and work for the well being of our community and who volunteer their time.


Community Health Workers have existed since before we were here, they were also known as our grandparents, our aunts, local healers, and mid-wives

We Are Taught to... 


• Bring outer inner leader

• Use our voice and power

• Advocate for our community

• Bring awareness to the problems that affect our community

• Act better for our community 

Our Values Are

  • Respect 

  • Unity

  • Generosity 

  • Helping

  • Fellowship

  • Humility

  • Justice

  • Our Experiences and sentiments

  • Be Empathetic 

  • Receive and Give Love

  • Appreciate our Culture and others 

  • Capacity of forgiving

  • Honesty 


La solidaridad no es un acto de caridad, sino la ayuda mutua entre las fuerzas de la lucha por el mismo objetivo.  

Esther Villa, Leader of the Community Health Workers

10 Competencies

A minimum of 20 hours is required for CHW certification. Elective curriculum courses cover a range of health related topics to instill evidence-based knowledge and broaden a community health worker’s understanding of health and wellness. 

Most classes are interactive 2-hour sessions and include a pre and post assessment. Courses that utilize approved curriculum include the website link. New courses are added on a regular basis.

Relationship Building
Professional Conduct
Education and Facilitation 
Knowledge Base
Service Coordinator 
Capacity Building

Join Us

Join the Community Health Workers in making the community a better place! You will receive training in different skills and classes to not only better yourself and your family but also those around you. Check out what we learn here!



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