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English as a Second Language

Stack of Books


For Every Level


Each class is 18 weeks (1 semester)
August through December
January through May
Class periods are 2 hours, twice a week
We will support you with tutoring hours to learn better reading and writing skills.
Program registration begins July 17th for the 23-24 School Year


Our instructors are experienced language teachers and are TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified.
We use the program Side by Side 1 Plus which has a textbook, an activity book, and digital materials for all 3 levels. This program includes language practices, life skills, and cultural lessons. 
Students are responsible to purchase the book packet for the course.


A Pre-beginner

This class are for those who ​have never taken an English class, and need to learn some letters and basic grammar.

What will I learn?

  • The alphabet and letter sounds

  • Basic grammar (capital and lower case letters, punctuation, pronouns)

  • The verb to be and daily activities verbs in the present continuous 

  • Days, months, and numbers

  • Vocabulary related to my classroom, my home, places around the city, and the weather 

  • Basic everyday questions

  • Describing people and things

At the end of each level I will be able to:

  • Recognize letters and spell in English 

  • Read basic sentences and write basic words 

  • Understand basic greetings and questions

  • Answer basic yes/no questions and provide basic information about myself

A1 Beginner

This class are for those who have taken one English class before and understand the basics when people speak to them, and are sometimes able to answer.

What will I learn?

  • The verb to be in negative forms and questions

  • Basic grammar (singular and plural, prepositions, possessive pronouns)

  • The simple present 

  • Vocabulary about my neighborhood, my family, shopping for clothes and money, and languages and nationalities

  • Describing clothing, my neighborhood, and people's interests and daily activities

At the end of each level I will be able to:

  • Answer questions about myself, my family, and my neighborhood

  • Read and write a short paragraph

  • Ask and answer basic questions

  • Understand basic conversations about daily life


A2 Basic

This class are for those who have taken two English classes in the past and are able to hear and use some English at work and in their daily life.


What will I learn?​

  • The verb to have to express ownership and obligation

  • To express abilities with can

  • Contrasting the simple present and the present continuous

  • The past of regular and irregular verbs

  • Basic grammar (object pronouns and adjectives)

  • Vocabulary about daily routines, abilities, telling time, and special events

  • Describing daily routines, a special event, future plans, and past actions


At the end of this level I will be able to:

  • Understand and make questions in the simple present and the simple past

  • Talk about what I can do at work and at home

  • Describe daily routines, past actions, and future plans

  • Recognize the difference between present, past, and future 

  • Read and write long paragraphs

ESL Spring Calendar ´24/Clases de inglés Calendario Primavera `24


Classes begin January / Clases inician en enero

Registration opens in December/El registro se abre en diciembre 

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