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Job Opportunities

Environmental Justice
Community Health Worker

Level/Salary Range: $36,000 annual

Hours: 40 hours per week

Length of Contract: One year

● Lead/support educational and advocacy campaigns with community members about climate change and its
relation to health - at the personal and the community level.
● Build the capacity of community health workers as climate and health experts in their communities.
● Identify and participate in community events that are aligned with climate and health.
● Educate and incorporate practices related to sustainability and equity within Unlimited Potential.
● Build and support relationships with other sustainability groups, NGOs, regulatory entities, vendors and
product/service companies.
● Promote diversity and inclusion.
● Evaluate the effectiveness of events and programs and make adjustments as needed.
● Other tasks or responsibilities as assigned.

● Experience in environmental issues to include heat mitigation and air pollution or related experience.
● Be able to communicate effectively in a group with enthusiasm and be able to engage an audience.
● Able to work independently, prioritize projects and tasks, and be an effective team member.
● Commitment to professional and personal growth.
● Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups .
● Strong organizational and time-management skills.
● Willingness to work Saturdays if needed for an event.

● Experience building relationships with various backgrounds.
● Multilingual, multi-cultural or cross-cultural experience appreciated.

Please send us your cover letter and resume to  Job posting is open until filled. 

More coming soon..

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