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Summer classes of 2024 are to be determined

Here is a glance at the classes we offered in the summer of 2022!


2022 Summer Report

Kitchen Techniques Class

Luis Rodriguez

Our students learned kitchen basics from an experienced chef. They learned what the best materials for the kitchen are, how to handle tools with care, and how to be safe when cooking like a pro!

Cooking Class

Juana Silva

Our teacher taught all about the typical recipes from Oaxaca, Mexico, starting from prepping, cooking, and then enjoying the delicious food made in class.

Dessert Class

Juana Silva

Students took a dive into traditional Mexican desserts, and were given the recipes in the process, allowing them to expand their taste and experience for exotic foods.

Women Hairstyle Class

Alma Vazquez

This class was about learning what your hair type is, and how to better care for it. Also, showing how to style your hair for any occasion.

Piano Class

Maricarmen Guzman

Our students learned the basics of piano and how to read music. They had the opportunity to go and practice as well as rehearse with the teacher.

Make-up Class

Patricia Hernandez

This class taught about learning your skin type, how to be able to use different cosmetics, brands and how to better your make-up style, and finally how to do different styles for different occasions  

Guitar Class

Maricarmen Guzman

This class reviewed basics of guitar and how to care for the instrument. Also, how to read music for the strings on the guitar. Students learned how to play different songs using sheet music and also playing by ear

Acrylic Painting Class

Esther Ariana Escalante

Reviewed basics like care for paint brushes and paint. Students were taught different techniques, how to paint using different colors, and how to express through art.

Technology (Cellphone) Class

Esther Villa

This class was to help students navigate their phone and how to use it professionally. Our teacher taught how to be able to use Google and all the apps that come with it. And finally, how to navigate settings to set up the phone in a way that will work for everyone.

Yoga Class

Isabel Campana

Went over how to find oneself through exercises and learn a different way to relax and meditate. This class was to help maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Rock Painting Class

Minerva Velarde

A stress reliever! Rocks were handed out and used to paint on, mainly focusing on details and every week doing a different figure.

Sewing Class

Esther Villa

Went over the basics of hand sewing, machine sewing, and fabrics in order to make beautiful pieces that can ignite passion to create more. 

Drawing Class

Esther Ariana Escalante

Basics of drawing. Class reviewed introduction to 3-D, human sketching, perspectives, and proportions. 

Public Speaking Class


Being able to learn and practice how to manage public speaking skills, and use them in professional settings. 

Crochet Class

Yolanda C. Galindo

Learn how to crochet! In this class you will be taught the basics in how to begin patterns and expand your knowledge more and more.

Folkloric Dance

Blanca Abarca

Taught traditional Folkloric Dance from Mexico, from beginner levels to intermediate levels.

Basic Art Class

Esther Ariana Escalante

Helped students learn the basic mediums and art theory. Each week they were given a different task with a different medium.


Patricia Hernandez

Provided a technique of exercise in a fun way! Zumba is an exercise form that incorporates dance into your work-out.

Nutrition Class

Product Manager

Educated on the benefits of eating healthy and how it helps the body. A recipe book was provided to encourage healthier substitutes. 

Bucket Drumming

Perla Escalante

Students learned rhythms and music reading. It was a chance for them to be creative and an opportunity to show confidence in their playing.

Technology (Computer) Class

Esther Villa

This class is designed to help adults navigate their devices to a more professional setting and for teenagers to learn safety using the internet.

Cosmetology Class

Product Manager

Our students learned how to care for their skin and what products best benefit them.

Gardening Class

Founder & CEO

This class was designed to help students cultivate their own food and begin their own gardens.

Kith & Kin

Founder & CEO

This class was set to help parents in preparing their children for school. Parents received support and help in teaching their children what they must know.

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