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Our Story

Founded in 1985, Unlimited Potential has taken education as a foundation for everything that we do. Our story began with parents wanting to improve their literacy in order to build a better future for themselves, their children, and their family.  In doing so, Unlimited Potential grew into an organization that adapts to the surrounding community. We grow as the community grows and we provide what the community needs. Unlimited Potential was born to educate and empower the entire family. Unlimited Potential continues to evolve to address current issues affecting the community. 



To ignite unity, pride, and dignity through education and advocacy 


Equitable opportunities grounded in acceptance and respect promoting strong individuals, families, and communities. 


One of the biggest accomplishments for Unlimited Potential is to build on the natural leadership for community members, cultivate a critical consciousness and engage neighborhood residents in promoting health and education equality. Community members share their stories, dialogue, and participate in professional development strengthening  their capacity to change conditions that impede the health and education of families. Annually, more than 200 community health workers are civically engaged in creating environments that facilitate wellness. Annually, Unlimited Potential community health leaders reach over 6,000 families through workshops on nutrition, oral health, behavioral health, and environmental awareness, and family unity. 

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