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Technology Classes

This program was made to teach adults and seniors how to handle their cellphones and computers, we recognize that it is a daunting task at times and want to teach everyone to use the most of the technology they have at their disposal. 

It all started with COVID seeing how parents and guardians had no control or knowledge on how to manage their computers and cellphones to work. It was a need that needed to be met. 




In this course we teach how to be efficient with your computers. How to manage your applications, settings, and any other work related tasks. Taught once a week for two hours, three times a year or as often as the community needs. It is a twelve week course. 

This course is taught with the objective to help adults and seniors to use their cellphones efficiently and in a manner of using it as a computer. How to navigate the settings and to learn security and prevention from dangers of the internet. Taught once a week 

Computer Tutorials
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