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Disease Control and Prevention

The 4th Pillar

One of the four pillars of Unlimited Potential that ties into everything that we do! This section of Disease Control and Prevention helps provide all of our clients and workers the information necessary to be safe and educate those who have not had the opportunity to learn. 

Sanitizing Products


Discovered in 2019, this disease has been rampant to this day. It is our job to help the community know how to prevent this illness and how to guide them in staying safe. 

Unlimited Potential provides classes and information on COVID-19, email us at to learn more!


Duet: Partners in Health and Aging

This program has launched Finding Meaning and Hope, a free ten-part video discussion series based on the book "Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope While Coping with Stress and Grief" by Pauline Boss, PhD. This book is designed for full-time, part-time, or long distance caregivers of loved ones with dementia or other conditions where the care recipient is psychologically absent. 

Unlimited Potential offers classes and involvement in this program. Register now to learn more!

To be more involved or to gather more information contact us at or call us at 602-305-4742

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