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ELT Classes


The ELT program at Unlimited Potential is for those participants referred through ARRPODS by their case managers through one of the following refugee service agencies:


IRC, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, and AIRS.


Our ELT program currently offers 3 levels of English instruction organized in 6 week sessions, and a transitional class for those who arrive after their level session has started.


Our instructors are experienced language teachers and are TESOL/TEFL

(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified. 


We use the Future program by Pearson and provide all materials required to our participants. Students are encouraged to bring their phones and/or laptops to class to guide them with the use of available digital materials.


An instructor from Unlimited Potential will be present during these times to administer a placement test at your agency during the week prior, and that of the start of a new session. All other students will be placed in English Prep class immediately, where they will be tested and assigned a class and level and begin their English journey.


Emergent - Pre-beginner

I have never taken a class in English. 

I don't read or write in my language.



 I have never taken a class in English. I read and write in my language and speak my and other languages.



I have taken one English class before and I understand the basics when people speak to me. Sometimes I can answer.


  • To write all letters of the English alphabet (capital and lowercase letters)

  • To write numbers

  • To sound all letters of the alphabet

  • To read all letters of the alphabet 

  • To sound syllables

  • To understand the difference in English same vowel sounds

  • To read short two syllable words

  • To write my name and address

At the end of each level I will be able to:

  • Spell words

  • Read short words

  • Recognize common signs

  • Write basic information about myself

  • Answer to questions questions requesting information about myself

  • The alphabet and English letter sounds

  • Basic grammar (capital and lower cases letters, punctuation, pronouns)

  • The verb to be and daily activities verbs in the present continuous 

  • Days, months, and numbers

  • Vocabulary related to my classroom, my home, places around the city, and the weather 

  • Basic everyday questions

  • Describing people and things

At the end of each level I will be able to:

  • Answer questions about myself, my family, and my neighborhood

  • Read and write a short paragraph

  • Ask and answer basic questions

  • Understand basic conversations about daily life

  • The verb to be in negative forms and questions

  • Basic grammar (singular and plural, prepositions, possessive pronouns)

  • The simple present 

  • Vocabulary about my neighborhood, my family, shopping for clothes and money, and languages and nationalities

  • Describing clothing, my neighborhood, and people's interests and daily activities

At the end of each level I will be able to:

  • Understand and make questions in the present and the past

  • Talk about what I can do at work and at home

  • Describe daily routines, past actions, and future plans

  • Recognize the difference between present, past, and future 

  • Read and write long paragraphs

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